The Dream Set Up

the dreamIf you want the dream set up for streaming games, you’re going to need about $10,000 smackers. We are going to select the best in class of everything. Computer, peripherals, chairs you name it we’re picking the best for 2015. We will include links to other sites for further research so if you don’t have the money to lay down or think there may be a better option you can go look for yourself. So how do you go about living the dream the best? Well let me show you…

Best PC Gaming Computer

The Alienware Area-51 is our computer of choice. Get this baby and you can stream 3 games at once. Well maybe that’s a stretch but you’ll sure come close. Check out FalconNW and OriginPC for other beefy systems.

Best PC Gaming Monitor

The best PC gaming monitor is the ASUS PG278Q ROG Swift. Its a 1440p monitor but it still has a refresh rate of 144hz. Add to that fact that it also has a 1ms response time and you have the best gaming monitor right there. Tomshardware has a good article on other good monitors.

Best PC Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core wins our award for 2015. You can tune it to balanced perfection and the thing looks freakin awesome. Look at Wirecutters article for more options.

Best PC Gaming Keyboard

WASD V2 customizable gaming keyboard is our pick. You got the special function and WASD keys highlighted in red, the rest is black. PC Gamer is the place to go for other keyboards.

Best PC Gaming Headset

The best PC gaming headset is beyerdynamic 300MX. This thing is super badass and you’ll be in audio paradise. This is a good site for reviews: Reviews Gaming Headset.

Best PC Gaming Chair

The Steelcase Gesture is the godlike chair of 2015. Keep your booty happy with this stylish and futuristic chair. For a good list of the best PC gaming chairs High Ground Gaming is where its at.

Best PC Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming desk is made for gamers. Truly it is, you got a cup holder and place to hang your beyerdynamic headset when your off-duty. There are slim pickings for gaming desks, but I found one by Atlantic.


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