Steam in-home streaming what is it

It’s basically a way to get games from your office, game room, living room, wherever your gaming pc is at to your living room on the big screen. The key point is doing all this without buying a second super expensive computer or running 100 foot long cords or something crazy like that.

What you will need:

  1. a host PC like the gaming computer you are using now. It needs steam and it needs Windows. This PC needs to be powerful. Frankly your at least going to need a quad core CPU like an i5 or i7. Your graphics card needs to be a Nvidia 600 series or better and/or an AMD 7000 series or better.
  2. a client PC in the living room (get a cheap one) running Steam on Windows OR Linux OR SteamOS OR OSX. This PC you may not even need a graphics card if it has an intel process with integrated HD graphics and can decode using quick sync. You’ll want to control this client PC with a controller. An xbox or dual shock controller is probably your best bet. The Big Picture interface is optimized for a controller so you want to stick with that.
  3. a home network that can connect the host and the client. You need a router that has gigabit ports.

One of the main technologies you need to learn to get this all going is Quick Sync. Here is a tutorial for that. On your gaming PC login to steam and open the settings menu. Then you’ll tick the in home streaming tab. Select the enable streaming checkbox. Then on your client PC login to the same steam account. Boom and you’re ready to go.

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