Hello Friends.. Welcome to the site

As you can probably see this site is under construction. We have a long way to go and if you’d like to help you can use our contact us page to express your interest. We loved the domain name and think it has a great chance of being a popular stop for streamers and viewers. Our aim is eventually to set up a light weight streaming application that can be used as an alternative to Twitch. Our main problem with Twitch is that only extremely popular streamers are allowed to monetize their content. We’d like to set up a system where even sub 100 viewer channels can obtain micro payments, micro donations, or micro subs.

Essentially this site will serve as more or less a coverage page for whats to come as we experiment with code. I’ll also probably talk about some random shit and blog and see if it gets any interest. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with streaming so I’ll try to share some of that knowledge.

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