Hello Friends.. Welcome to the site

As you can probably see this site is under construction. We have a long way to go and if you’d like to help you can use our contact us page to express your interest. We loved the domain name and think it has a great chance of being a popular stop for streamers and viewers. Our aim is eventually to set up a light weight streaming application that can be used as an alternative to Twitch. Our main problem with Twitch is that only extremely popular streamers are allowed to monetize their content. We’d like to set up a system where even sub 100 viewer channels can obtain micro payments, micro donations, or micro subs.

Essentially this site will serve as more or less a coverage page for whats to come as we experiment with code. I’ll also probably talk about some random shit and blog and see if it gets any interest. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with streaming so I’ll try to share some of that knowledge.

Steam in-home streaming what is it

It’s basically a way to get games from your office, game room, living room, wherever your gaming pc is at to your living room on the big screen. The key point is doing all this without buying a second super expensive computer or running 100 foot long cords or something crazy like that.

What you will need:

  1. a host PC like the gaming computer you are using now. It needs steam and it needs Windows. This PC needs to be powerful. Frankly your at least going to need a quad core CPU like an i5 or i7. Your graphics card needs to be a Nvidia 600 series or better and/or an AMD 7000 series or better.
  2. a client PC in the living room (get a cheap one) running Steam on Windows OR Linux OR SteamOS OR OSX. This PC you may not even need a graphics card if it has an intel process with integrated HD graphics and can decode using quick sync. You’ll want to control this client PC with a controller. An xbox or dual shock controller is probably your best bet. The Big Picture interface is optimized for a controller so you want to stick with that.
  3. a home network that can connect the host and the client. You need a router that has gigabit ports.

One of the main technologies you need to learn to get this all going is Quick Sync. Here is a tutorial for that. On your gaming PC login to steam and open the settings menu. Then you’ll tick the in home streaming tab. Select the enable streaming checkbox. Then on your client PC login to the same steam account. Boom and you’re ready to go.

The Dream Set Up

the dreamIf you want the dream set up for streaming games, you’re going to need about $10,000 smackers. We are going to select the best in class of everything. Computer, peripherals, chairs you name it we’re picking the best for 2015. We will include links to other sites for further research so if you don’t have the money to lay down or think there may be a better option you can go look for yourself. So how do you go about living the dream the best? Well let me show you…

Best PC Gaming Computer

The Alienware Area-51 is our computer of choice. Get this baby and you can stream 3 games at once. Well maybe that’s a stretch but you’ll sure come close. Check out FalconNW and OriginPC for other beefy systems.

Best PC Gaming Monitor

The best PC gaming monitor is the ASUS PG278Q ROG Swift. Its a 1440p monitor but it still has a refresh rate of 144hz. Add to that fact that it also has a 1ms response time and you have the best gaming monitor right there. Tomshardware has a good article on other good monitors.

Best PC Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core wins our award for 2015. You can tune it to balanced perfection and the thing looks freakin awesome. Look at Wirecutters article for more options.

Best PC Gaming Keyboard

WASD V2 customizable gaming keyboard is our pick. You got the special function and WASD keys highlighted in red, the rest is black. PC Gamer is the place to go for other keyboards.

Best PC Gaming Headset

The best PC gaming headset is beyerdynamic 300MX. This thing is super badass and you’ll be in audio paradise. This is a good site for reviews: Reviews Gaming Headset.

Best PC Gaming Chair

The Steelcase Gesture is the godlike chair of 2015. Keep your booty happy with this stylish and futuristic chair.

Best PC Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming desk is made for gamers. Truly it is, you got a cup holder and place to hang your beyerdynamic headset when your off-duty. There are slim pickings for gaming desks, but I found one by Atlantic.


The Guide to Streaming

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to have a successful stream channel and attract a loyal fan base. Sometimes people don’t have the time or resources to build a successful production. Maybe they aren’t as skilled or entertaining as other streamers. And perhaps many times, hopeful streamers just get lost in the ocean of channels are vying for people’s eyeballs and directed attention. There are winners and losers just like any game. If you want to give it a go, however, this starter guide will help by giving you a few pointers to get you off on the right track.

Choose a Platform, Choose a Game

The first thing you need to do is choose a platform. Are you a console gamer or PC gamer? You’re both? Then choose the platform that has a game you are proficient at and also is popular. An easy way to measure the most sought after gameplay titles is to view Twitch and sort by games. Anything that stays below 1000 concurrent viewers is probably a no go. The next step is creating an account. Twitch sort of has a monopoly on streaming so that’s going to be your best bet for now. By getting an account you will be able to communicate with other streamers, users, and follow other channels. This is a good idea if your starting out because you can follow the most successful streamers for your selected game and see what they are doing to maintain an audience.

Setting up the Stream

twitch-tv-botStreaming from an Xbox or PS4 is easy as pie.. as long as you have a good internet connection. You can simply search how to set up a stream for your console if you can’t figure it out yourself. What’ll you’ll need to do though is get a camera so you can broadcast your face, this generally attracts more viewers. Streaming from your PC is a different ballgame. The fact of the matter is not all PC gamers are going to be able to simply set up a high quality and non-laggy stream. The minimum system requirements are at least a powerful CPU such as an Intel i5 or i7, 4 GB of ram, and a high end graphics card with directX 10 capability. It’s also a good idea to have a quality microphone or a headset with a microphone combo. You’ll also want a camera. This makes it much more interactive for your viewers. Lastly, you’ll need some streaming software. Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and Xsplit are the two most popular solutions. We won’t go into the details here on how to configure them, as it will be different depending on your specific set up.

Building an Audience

The next part of course is the hardest. Building a loyal following is much harder than setting things up (as long as you have the money to do so). What really helps is if your streaming on the PC to have a super powerful system and strong internet connection. Then you can broadcast in really high quality that will set you apart from less desirable channels. A minimum requirement is being good at the game your playing. Realistically, you need to be exceptional or have come up with a unique playstyle or strategy that will draw people to watch your stream. This goes hand-in-hand with our next point, that you need to create a brand for yourself. We don’t mean to sound to “businessy” here, but if you’re persona is congruent with the type of music you play, your general attitude, and what you wear then people like you will want to watch you and follow you. Think of streaming as a performance basically. Another thing to do is stay active on social media and use platforms like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your channel. Keep a schedule so you get return viewers who come to trust you’ll be there and are on Twitch at the same time as you. Lastly, do giveaways. People love free stuff and if you able to consistently give out goodies it will keep audiences coming back for more.

Good Streaming Guides:

PC Gamer Streaming Guide

The Complete Guide to Streaming Games on Twitch by CNET